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The Vision of the Drumblade Conservancy is to represent residents who appreciate the natural habitat of the region and would like to preserve and conserve a relatively rural way of life in an area which sustains several endangered species, wetlands and ridges in order to ensure no further general degradation of the environment.  We aim to create awareness of the uniqueness of the Drumblade area, our indigenous flora and fauna, and ensure its re-establishment and protection for future generations of Drumbladers.

The Mission of the Drumblade Conservancy is to:

  • Promote conservation on private property and to protect our disappearing greenbelt area, cultural heritage and natural flora and fauna.
  • Protect our area from illegal mining activities, dumping of refuse, overgrazing, wildfires, game poaching, theft of plants and rocks, illegal tree felling, control of alien and invasive vegetation, indiscriminate development and environmentally unfriendly businesses within the area.
  • Work with neighbouring Conservancies to protect the natural environment
  • Actively involve all residents within our conservancy in conservation issues.
  • Generate interest and active participation by landowners, in the conservation of indigenous fauna and flora and the protection of the environment of the area.
  • Monitor proposed developments in the area, and if necessary, to object to developments that do not have the support of the residents and landowners.

So, grab your binoculars and cameras and get out there exploring your environment! 

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Drumblade Conservancy Drumblade Conservancy
In 2009 Drumblade received an EWT Commendation award and
the Midvaal Mayoral Award for the most trees planted


Drumblade Conservancy Meerkat Award EWT Bio Diversity Award 2013 
Drumblade Conservancy wins the GCSA Meerkat award in 2011
and in 2013 the GCSA Biodiversity Award

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Are you a member of the Drumblade Conservancy?

A Conservancy is defined as "the voluntary association between land owners or land users to manage their properties in an environmentally friendly manner without changing the land use."

The primary aim of the Drumblade Conservancy is conservation and management.  The Conservancy can benefit residents by supplying advice in order to improve our natural environment, resulting in more profitable properties and healthier surroundings.  Healthy surroundings will also make the area more attractive to visitors and increase the value of our properties.

The Conservancy will not interfere with the running of individual plots or farms, but will assist Conservancy members who request information regarding environmentally friendly farming methods, control of invader plants. We can all work together to identify vulnerable plants and animals, historical sites needing protection etc and work together to protect them!

By having a conservancy we will have a SINGLE strong VOICE  to help us protect  to protect this beautiful natural area.  The value of your property will escalate if the area is attractive because it falls within a well-run Conservancy.

Show your support by becoming a member and taking an active part in the running and activities of the Conservancy.

You will get a quarterly newsletter informing you of fun Conservancy events planned with you in mind i.e.  hands-on conservation actions, social bring and braais, archaeological historical activities, astronomy lectures, and many more - MEMBERS PAY LESS than non-members.

We need your help and support to make this venture  successful.  Please help us protect and improve our habitat by becoming an active member.

You will need to fill out an application form which you can get from drumblade


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Please respect our wildlife - it is very precious to us. Car lights will blind all nocturnal creatures - flashing your lights at them does more harm than good. Animals have no sense of speed, so slow down or stop all together, until the animal has moved out of the way.