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Send your comments, enquiries and anything else you would like to share with the residents of Drumblade to drumblade.  We look forward to hearing from you

Hello fellow Drumblade residents.  I find this website to be a real lifesaver.  Since my re-location to Namibia, I often get very homesick and all I do is go onto the Drumblade site and see what a beautiful area it is.  I miss our “little piece of heaven” and cannot wait to pop in for a visit soon.

Philip Varnhagen (February 2010)

I would really like to thank all the Drumbladers who responded so promptly and stopped to help with the fire that got out of control at plot 37 on Sunday the 27th of September. It is great to know that the community responds so quickly to calls for help.  The response was much appreciated and we couldn’t have coped without you all.

Also, some-one who lives in Drumblade, who has a baby, who has just bought a dishwasher and who drinks bottled beer is dumping their household rubbish including disposable nappies and other unwanted items on our verge. Is there anyway we can obtain signage to request residents to keep our conservancy clean and NOT to dump their rubbish on our roads?

Juanita Orpen (October 2009)

I was interested to read your website. I grew up on a farm in the rural parish of Drumblade in Scotland. It is a fertile farming area with quite hard winters though not as cold and frosty as 50 years ago when the roads would often be blocked with drifting snow. It is about 500 - 600 feet above sea level and near the hills so winters are more severe than at the coast.  Drumblade is near the small town of Huntly in the County of Aberdeenshire and 40 miles from the city of Aberdeen and I qualified as a doctor at the University of Aberdeen. I now live near London more than 500 miles south.

On Google images via the internet you can see pictures of Drumblade eg Drumblade School. The local estate/landowner (called the laird in Scotland) the Murray Bissett family, lived at Lessendrum House - it went on fire and was completely destroyed in 1928 but a photograph of it can be seen by inserting Lessendrum House into google then click images. (I myself had never seen such a photo until about one year ago - the wonders of the internet!)

Your local school might even want to correspond with the Drumblade school website? - the e-mail address and the head teacher's name are given on the website. The website is obtained by a circuitous route then click 'S' for schools then 'school contact details' then 'primary schools' then 'drumblade'.   Once on the site, by clicking on ''catchment area'' it gives a map of the local area. It is easier to appreciate where Drumblade is situated by reducing the magnification of the map (takes a few moments) and then the school's location  within NE Scotland is obvious.

Best wishes
Dr W Leslie Alexander (September 2009)


Views of Drumblade
Please respect our wildlife - it is very precious to us. Car lights will blind all nocturnal creatures - flashing your lights at them does more harm than good. Animals have no sense of speed, so slow down or stop all together, until the animal has moved out of the way.